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    Hi about a month ago I was trying to send ardor from an exchange to my nxt wallet and was doing a bunch of things at once. I was unaware of the “you password is your wallet” and i must have typo’d my password, opened new wallet, sent ardor there, and closed the application. have tried messing with the typo tool with no luck. If anyone can advise me on other ways to try to figure it out it would be appreciated. Anyone that helps me directly unlock my wallet will get paid a fair % of the wallet
    Any help appreciated.
    I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.

    animated introduction video

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    Unfortunately, losing the passphrase is losing all your wallet.
    The best I can suggest is this tool that might help you if you have done just a little mistake:

    Sorry for answering so late… didn’t know there was still life in this website. 🙂

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