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    Hello everyone, recently our team had a meeting (which we do almost weekly). This one however, focused on the priority of work and business direction.

    The past 5-6 weeks I’ve been working on a side project for both the Janus and Ethereum classic community. I believe that it’s very helpful for our future growth and opens many doors and new opportunities for JNS investment.

    The one drawback in our timeline is there is simply too much work with regards to upcoming business for me to finish, package, launch, and market the project I’ve been consumed with the past weeks. We identified the overwhelming need to focus much harder on our business work instead.

    So from this point, the work I’ve been doing which expanded our blockchain presence, will be put on hold until 4 things that take priority over it are completed. This will actually benefit the side project and overall health of potential success in business and meeting timelines in a much better fashion.

    So at this point, we have basically:

    1. Wrap up etcbets.com little issues;
    2. Upgrade BetterBets to new framework and games;
    3. Finish content scraper site while testing potentially 1-2 new developers. (This is a side business that may or may not feed back to Janus tokens depending on their success rate);
    4. Focus entirely on the creation, marketing, and launch of trademimic.com.

    Work and Janus team focus will be in that order, holding company creation should fall somewhere between action items #3-#4

    Thank you for understanding, in my ambition sometimes I can become nearsighted to business need.

    And it was my team who reminded me of value focus before anything else.

    So big thank you to @ascendus @lobos and @almo3ree23

    Yours in business

    – Bjorn

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